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Apex – The Kremlin: An Architectural Brilliance

Posted by admin on April 6, 2018
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What defines a building is how masterfully it has been architected and raised, the face of what is to be formed with bricks and stones come from the minds of brilliant builders and architects who lay down the groundwork and make the blueprint a part of the reality. Apex Kremlin, one of the most versatile projects in Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad is an example of what architectural brilliance can result to.

Its master-plan hold up to the word ‘master’, for it sure is masterfully crafted into the most elegant of the designs a complex can possess. The Apex Builders at Siddharth Vihar are giving shape to what will be one of the most staggering residential complexes in Ghaziabad. The compound is supposed to enclave an apartment complex the size of around 2000sq. ft. each with around 46-acres of land solely secluded and nurtured for the plantation and preparation of a park the likes of which are rarely found in the modern era of industrialization, commercialization and urbanization, where population density has risen to such a degree that the sheer number of people dominating the streets can very well lead to an ear hammering level of noise pollution and utter chaos whatsoever.

Not just that, the master plan by Apex builders has also assigned a club house of extensive amenities and facilities along with a swimming pool. The floor plan, on the other hand is composed of apartments ranging from the size of 989sq. ft. to 1830sq. ft. with apartments holding 2BHK and 2 toilets to apartments holding 4BHK and 4 toilets. Each apartment is designed in such a way that most bedrooms are assigned with their own balconies and the dining room is attached to the drawing room, making it easier for the residents to seat their guests. Not just that, the rooms of rather bigger size than other common apartments. The Apex Builders, with Apex Kremlin will give craftsmanship and luxury a new face altogether.

Basic amenities are the prime factors of satisfaction when it comes to survival in this modern age. Being stuck in a place where there is absolutely nothing to occupy oneself or satiate oneself with the basic and luxurious amenities of life can be rather harsh. Consumers demand easy access to the most prime requirements in our day to day lives. Apex Siddharth Vihar has most appropriately mapped its way to destinations and buildings that help bringing amenities to close proximity to the compound, as well as fulfill our needs for day to day luxury items and sometimes. Connected to a series of prominent commercial and business structure, the residents living in this area can enjoy a calm and peaceful environment along with having little to worry when it comes to searching for basic goods and luxury items. Having malls such as the ‘Shipra’, ‘Jaipuriya’ and ‘Aditya’, a family can survive, thrive and rejoice in this extensively planned sector.

Fast-food joints, restaurants are at our doorstops waiting for us to drive or simply walk to them. Not just that, families with kids can have their children admitted in one of the many renowned schools present in the locality. For elderly, nature lovers and regular joggers and health enthusiasts, there are parks filled with lush green vegetation. Not just that, the Apex Siddharth Vihar residential complex also offers its customers with 24/7 power and water facility which without a doubt is necessary in this modern era where technology inspires work above all else with an extensively designed club house for extracurricular activities and entertainment of the residents and also a swimming pool for families and friends to spend their free time in. All in all, the Siddharth Vihar has proved to be the most appropriate location for residential prosperity and hence makes Apex Kremlin one of the best complexes in Ghaziabad.


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